Accomodation Location & Access See here Accomodation See here Registration Fee See here Location & Access program Program diner cocktail party Program Location & Access Registration "UniNE" diner cocktail party Accomodation11th European Mars Convention
Registration diner cocktail partyEvery year, one of the European associations belonging to the Mars Society family, organizes a convention to the attention of all European and American members who can make the trip, as well as to the interested public. This is an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, to get informed of the work of other associations, to take stock of progress made towards our common project, to coordinate for the continuation and, of course, communicate to the outside. This year, the Mars Society Switzerland will be hosting the convention at home. This will be the 11th ("EMC11" for "European Mars Convention 11” ). The venue of the Convention will be Neuchâtel, the old capital city of the Swiss watch making industry, which celebrates its millennium and is also now the Swiss capital of microtechnology. The Convention will take place within the premises of the University of Neuchatel ("UniNE"). The date is set: You can organize yourself to be in Neuchatel Friday September 30th at 14:00 and depart on Sunday Ocotber 2nd after 16:00. The city is well equipped with hotels and is easily accessible by trains which connect Neuchatel with all major European cities. By plane, you can land at either Geneva or Basel Mulhouse or Zurich. The Convention program will include presentations from experts in the various fields involved in the exploration of Mars and two public debates on policy options. The specialists will be primarily Swiss but also representatives from various European countries. Robert Zubrin will of course be present to recall the main principles of his "Mars Direct" proposal, always relevant, make new proposals and tell us what he thinks of the present situation. Registration fee for the full program of the Convention is set at 105CHF per person (or 85CHF for members of the Mars Society Switzerland or for students). Besides the participation fee to the Convention stricto sensu, this amount includes, a participation to a cocktail diner party that we planned for you on Friday evening in the picturesque "Café des Halles", one of the nicest buildings of Neuchâtel, in the heart of the old city. See here If you do not wish to attend the cocktail diner party, you may pay only 60CHF (or 40CHF if you are a member of the Mars Society Switzerland or a student) to partiicpate to the Convention. If you can only attend one day of the Convention (or less), we'll ask you to pay 30CHF or 75CHF if you want to come to the cocktail diner party. On Saturday evening we are invited by the City of Neuchâtel to another cocktail party in the prestigious local Museum of Art & History. Besides the City of Neuchâtel , our main sponsors are the Cantonal Bank of Neuchâtel , the largest local financial institution, the Space Exploration Institute , the Bureau de Projets et d'Etudes , "BPE", and Spectratime . The University Of Neuchatel provides us our conference rooms. The Space Center of the EPFL has agreed that we publicize its support. We hope for a numerous presence; we count on you. It is also your participation that will make this event a success. Thank you to let us know your intention to come, in advance. Pierre Brisson President of the Mars Society Switzerland